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Policies and Info

To make a payment, record an absence, or check your gymnast's enrollment, log in through our parent portal:

Continual enrollment:

Your child is enrolled in the class you sign up for until you request a drop or a transfer.  We continue our enrollments from month to month.  If there are any changes to our class schedule, we'll notify you as far in advance as possible.

If you would like to transfer class enrollment, please contact the office to do so.

Makeups (Rec Classes and Dynamite Kids):

We offer two makeups per month per class enrollment. To be eligible for a makeup you MUST record your absence in advance, as this allows other students to use their makeup tokens in your absent spot. You can record your absence the same day as the class occurs, as long as it’s before class begins.  You can either log your absence in the parent portal, or call or email our front desk to notify them of your absence and ensure you get your makeup token.

Makeups can be used at another class of the same level and age group or at one of our open gyms (for ages 5+).


To book a makeup: if there is an expected absence in another class you should be able to request that through our parent portal. You may also reach out to our front desk the week you would like to use your makeup to book any available openings. If you book your makeup token and don't attend, you then forfeit that makeup token.



Tuition is posted on the 15th of every month for the following month. 

Tuition is due monthly, and a late fee is added on the 5th of the month. You also have the option to sign up for autopay. 

If you sign up for our autopay, this payment is processed on the last day of the previous month (for example, August's tuition will run July 31st).

We do require a card to be saved on file if you have an active enrollment with us, but we do not require you to sign up for autopay.


Registration Fee:

There is a once/year/family registration fee of $35 (with tax $37.10) also called an "Anniversary Fee". This fee should only be added to your account once/year if you're an active student. If you've signed up for autopay, this fee will run with your tuition on the month of your anniversary.


Dropping a class:

If you are planning to drop a class, we require a two week notice, this is listed in the policies that you agree to in your parent portal. The best way to confirm a drop is to email the office. If your two weeks falls mid-month, we will adjust your tuition accordingly. If you would like to transfer instead of drop a class, please contact the office to do so.​

Trial enrollments:

If your no risk trial is approved, you will be enrolled on the next upcoming class date unless otherwise noted. After you attend class you should notify the front desk if you would like to continue your enrollment. If we are not contacted, you will be dropped from the class at midnight the day you attended and the space will open to the public. When you continue enrollment your no risk trial week will be added to your tuition.

4 weeks of class:

We bill each month according to 4 weeks of classes, which may not always line up with the calendar month.

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