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DYNAMITE KIDS (Walking - 5 years old)

These classes are designed to get students moving their bodies safely while using imaginative play. 

Once you find the best fit for your child, please click "Register Now"  to find available classes and to enroll through our parent portal. 

If you're new to our gym, you can request a no-risk trial when completing enrollment for your first class!

Dynamite Duos (18 months - 3 years old)


This is our parent participation class - perfect for little ones who love to run, climb, jump, and are ready to explore.  Each class will offer free exploration and circle time. Your coach will guide you and your little gymnast through the stations for that week. Obstacle courses will include bars, beams, and other beginning gymnastics stations.

30 minutes

Mini Sparks (3 year olds):

 This class takes place in our upstairs preschool gym. Each month we have a new theme for your gymnast to follow! They learn to take turns and listen to their coach as they get to practice on our bars, beams, and more!

The ratio for this class is 5:1

40 minutes

Sparklers (4 year olds):


This class takes place entirely in our upstairs preschool gym. Our Sparklers are working on their listening skills as well as their knowledge of skills and shapes. Gymnastics vocabulary is built through imagination with our monthly theme as they move through stations.

The ratio for this class is 6:1

40 minutes

Firecrackers (5 year olds):
 There they will get to begin their skills on vault, bars, beam, and floor to get them ready for a Beginner gymnastics class.
The ratio for this class is 6:1 
55 minutes
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