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Our Programs

Welcome to Advanced Gymnastics.  We offer training to all kids of all ages and all skill levels.  All of our programs are based on a progressive model to help each gymnast grow and attain skills.  We offer recreation programs and two competitive team programs.  If your gymnast just wants to have fun or dreams of being on a competitive team, there is a place for your gymnast at Advanced Gymnastics.  Together we can make your gymnasts dreams come true.  Gymnasts will not be held back due to age, our programs are designed to keep kids moving and growing.

           Parent & Toddler Classes


This class is our Dynamic Duo Class.  It is designed for all those little ones who love to run, climb, and jump around but are too young to be in an instructor lead class.  Our instructor will guide you and your little gymnast in the gym giving them exposure to all the equipment with your help.  It is a great way to introduce gymnastic to a child and start building that strength, coordination, and flexibility.    


This class is designed for those who are ready to be in an instructor ran class.  We recommend ages 3-5 years old and potty trained to start this class.  In our preschool program your gymnasts will begin to learn gymnastics terms and basic shapes.  Our Preschool are broken down in age.  Our 3 year old class is the Mini Sparks.  Our 4 year old class is the Sparklers.  Our 5 year old class is the Fire Crackers.



This class covers the basic skills and shapes in gymnastics and helps build a strong foundation for future skills.  Gymnastic terminology is practiced while doing each skill and building confidence.   Gymnasts will work on all events, vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. This is a 55 minute class.    



This class is the progression from the beginner class.  It continues to focus on shapes, terminology, strength and skills.  More advanced skills are introduced in this class as they work on tumbling, floor skills, beam, bars, vault, and trampoline.  Students must be approved prior to placement.  This is a 55 minute class



This class is the progression from the intermediate class.  It  concentrates on more advanced skills and introduces skills needed to join team.  In this class they work on tumbling, floor skills, beam, bars, vault, and trampoline.  Students must be approved prior to placement.  This is a 85 min class 

           TUMBLING 1 & 2 CLASS
We offer 2 different tumbling classes.  This class teaches the basics of tumbling and trampoline work and gives students the opportunity to advance and build upon their tumbling skills as they gain confidence and ability. *Tumbling I for ages 6-9 & Tumbling II for ages 10+.   Tumbling 1 is a 60 min class for $65 a month and tumbling 2 is 75 mins for $80 a month.  

JR HIGH CLASS:  This class is designed for both first time gymnasts and advanced gymnasts.  The class is our Gym Jam class and is 85 minutes long.  This is a great class for teenagers that still want to do gymnastics but not at a competitive level.  It is also great for those teens who have always wanted to do gymnastics and tumbling for their first time. 

DEVELOPMENTAL PRE TEAM CLASS: These are are Mini Rockets and our Rocket classes.   A 85 minute class that builds upon all skills learned in Beginner and Intermediate Classes! This class is designed to teach students proper gymnastics technique in strength, flexibility, form, as well as promote confidence in their gymnastics abilities.  This class should especially be considered for students who have a desire to join our competitive team programs.  *Students must be proficient in skills from Intermediate classes and must try out and be approved for Developmental Gymnastics Class placement prior to registration. 

           Competition Teams

We offer both Xcel and Developmental Program, formally known as Junior Olympic Program. 

Advanced Gymnastics   208-468-9292

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