Advanced Gymnastics will train your aspiring gymnast at the recommended progression schedule, training at less than our recommended schedule will influence rate of success. All of our gymnasts are released at different times from schools necessitating some flexibility at all levels but we will work with everyone’s schedule to accommodate the required hours. For the most part we can allow all gymnasts to work out more hours in the week at a slightly added rate. If a gymnast generally works out more than the required hours, it is very easy to be flexible in most circumstances.

In the summer higher levels workout Mon-Thurs but due to numbers some lower level gymnasts may use Fridays.

We develop higher level gymnasts in the optional levels because we believe that gymnasts must train the correct number of hours per week to allow the proper conditioning for the higher level skills and the time to develop those skills. We have the national statistics to prove these hours are correct. The best optional gyms in Idaho mirror our hours with great results.

Give us a call at 468 -9292 if you and your gymnast are interested in moving through the gymnastics levels at the proper progression rate:

  Required/Recommended hours which Advanced Gymnastics has found allows a somewhat proper progression through competitive gymnastics:

    • Level 1&2       2 to 2.5 hours:  minimum  2days/3 days a week for better skill achievement

    • Level 3            3 hours:  minimum 3 days/4 days a week for better skill achievement

    • Level 4,5         3 hours:  minimum 3 days/ 4 days a week for better skill achievement

    • Level 6,7         4 hours:  minimum 4 days/ 5 days a week for better skill achievement

    • Level 8,9,10   4 hours 5 days a week

  Beginners to level 2: depends on ability, age, hours of training

  • Level 3:          1 to 2 years

  • Level 4:          1 to 2 years /Gymnast must develop kips on bars to have a successful level 4 workout.

  • Level 5,6,7:    1 to 3 years Gymnast must develop either a strong clear hip circle or giants on bars to be successful                              here.

  • Level 8:          2 to 3 years Gymnast must develop giants on bars as well as a new vault and beam skills to compete                            at this level.

  • Level 9:          1 to 2 years/high level gymnastics skill achievement on every event

  • Level 10:        1 to 2 years/even higher level of gymnastics skill achievement on every event

   We are also offering “Xcel Gymnastics”  for Those With A Dream!

Advanced is enthusiastically presenting our new competition program for ex-J.O.  gymnasts and current class students.  The Xcel competition program is currently being offered through us for the first time for those interested for the 2015-2016 training year.  This is a competitive program that will meet the instructional needs of our clientele. Xcel is designed for former gymnasts and rec. class students who would like to compete routines but do not want to commit the time and effort required for the more highly skilled Junior Olympic Developmental Program which is the traditional competitive team with Levels 2-10 and elite. 

The Xcel program is geared to our class students who are interested in expanding their interest in gymnastics through a  “fun” competitive team experience.  There are five competitive divisions in the Xcel program and students will have routines based entirely on the requirements of the level that best fits their skill level ability.  Xcel classes may begin later in the evening and possibly on Saturdays for better equipment availability, depending on the available coaching.  Xcel competitions will include competing in home meets and selected local meets hosted by other gyms. 

The program participants will practice 2/3 days a week for 90 to 150 minutes per day depending on their age and their division of competition. This program may allow more gymnasts the chance to compete because of the reduced time commitments, skill expectations, and reduced overall costs. Due to the reduced coaching time and overall costs there are no make up days for missing Xcel practices. 

 Xcel will be viewed more as a recreational level program than the more regimented JO program but still more demanding than the recreational class program which does not lead to competitive meets.  This should also appeal to current and former gymnasts who may want to pursue other interests but still display their previously attained gymnastics skills in meets.  

 So if your gymnast wants to expand her gymnastics experience into a competitive team experience, then the Xcel program is for her.  This program though slower could also be a track into the JO program as skills develop.  Some additional costs for uniforms and competition fees will apply.

Most gyms do have a policy regarding practice leading up to a meet and that policy is  “the week preceding a competition we require at least 2 full practices”.  Our primary purpose is to make sure the gymnast is ready for the meet and can perform the routines safely.  When time is missed from the gym the gymnast may lose conditioning strength, timing for skills, and mental alertness for the effort needed to perform in a meet.  If the gymnast has been sick or is working through an injury or painful condition, it all plays a part in their ability to safely perform routines.  

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